Adult Breastfeeding with Big Boobed Young Latinas

Hottest Milky Boobs & Milk Drinker Ever!

Adult breastfeeding made me late for my dentist appointment.  Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  Let me explain.  Nicol is a cute young Latina with perfectly formed milky boobs.  Carolina is even cuter with even bigger boobs and a willingness to try anything.  I’d previously done solo shoots with both of them but no milk drinking activities.

One afternoon I had a dentist appointment at 3:00.  At 1:30, the two big-boobed girls showed up at my door and Nicol declared that Carolina was ready to drink her milk and would I be able to do a shoot right now.  Could you guys turn down an adult breastfeeding offer like that?  I couldn’t and didn’t and the dentist could wait.  So we did the shoot and you can see that Nicol had a great time squirting her milky boobs all over Carolina.  And I think that Carolina had an even better time drinking milk from Nicol but I don’t think she wants to admit it.  Check out all the adult breastfeeding action now.

And the dentist?  I made it at 4:00 and still had to wait for a half hour.

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Are Her Milky Titties Bigger Than Your Head? (Probably!)

Kore Goddess: Hugest MILKY TITTIES in the World

I guarantee that when you see this milky titties video the first thought in you mind will be “Holy Shit”.  There are milky titties and there are milky boobs but these are the largest pair I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve seen a lot of miky boobs in my career.  Damn, these are big.

I should be polite and do an introduction to her.  This is Kore Goddess and they are 38JJ.  JJ?  I didn’t know the sizes went up that high, god help us if I find a set of 40KK milky titties.  In this video, Kore Goddess warms up by squeezing and fondling those milky orbs and then drinking her own milk.  You’ll see from the expression on her face that she’s having a very good time at it.  You would too if you were drinking form those massive milky titties.

The best part of the high definition milky titties video is when she bends over and swings them.  I don’t think she affects the earth’s gravitational pull but I’m not completely certain that those gigantic milky titties didn’t cause the moon to shift a touch in its orbit.

Watch the full high definition video of Kore’s gigantic milky titties.

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Milky Tits Adult Breast Feeding with Laura & Keli

Who doesn’t like Milky Tits and Adult Breast Feeding?

Nobody, that’s who. The most requested act in our world famous, high definition milky tits lactation videos is always, always adult breast feeding. In case you are wondering, adult breast feeding is the proper term for the act of one or more people drinking the breast milk of a lactating woman. Of course, we always like it best when the drinker is a woman, because then it looks like lactating lesbians, right?

Kurvy Keli has milk in her tits. And sexy little Laura is going to drink breast milk just for you. This lactation video features the girls stripping off each others clothes,  then Keli gives Laura a mommy milk shower. Keli spends quite a bit of time drenching Laura’s shaved pussy in delicious tit milk, then they switch positions and Laura sucks Keli’s tits. And that’s just the beginning.  You’re not going to believe what Laura does to Keli’s milky boobs at the end.

See more of Laura & Keli and their Milky Tits Adult Breastfeeding now.  Just click here for all the Milky Boobs you can handle.

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Big Milky Boobs: Ebony makes French Toast

Ebony has really BIG milky bOObs – that’s a 36E bra she’s wearing, and it’s not really big enough for her. In fact, you might say she’s “busting out”. Ebony the big boobed bra buster has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Now say that fast, 10 times!

Ebony invited me over for breakfast. She said she’d make me French toast if I would bring real Canadian maple syrup to put on it. Of course, when I got there, it was “oh dear, I don’t have any milk”. I said, “Ebony,  just pump your boobs, and lets make breakfast”. To this day, I couldn’t tell you if she really didn’t have any cow milk in the house, or if she was just screwing with me to see if I’d actually eat French toast made with breast milk. If she was trying to mess with me, well, it didn’t work. I have no problem drinking breast milk, or eating something cooked with it – like Zorra’s breastmilk omelet.  So now that I’d called her bluff, it was time to get down to business. Milky business that is. She unleashed her milky tits, and started pumping one breast while squirting the other.  Soon enough, she had all the milk she needed to make the batter for French toast.

Watch Ebony release her big milky bOObs from  prison and set the milk free.

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Big Milky Boobs: Ebony makes more French Toast

Ebony is one of my favorite girls with big milky boobs.  She’s a real big boobs babe, and with those huge milky tits, she needs a gi-normo-bra to contain those massive breasts.

I already told you about how I came to be at Ebony’s house, and soon to be a recipient of a breast milk breakfast in my previous post. So now we’re at the point where Ebony’s got a batch of French toast batter made up, and it’s time to cook some toast. When you use a stainless steel pan, it’s always a good idea to put a little something in the pan to keep stuff from sticking. So Ebony whips out a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and dribbles some in the  pan. Then she pours a bit on her big milky boobs and starts rubbing them. Wow. Erotic lactation for breakfast. The whole oil /  big boob rubbing thing was quite distracting, but fortunately Ebony did not burn the French toast. Well, i guess I was more distracted than she was, but with a pair of massive milkers jiggling and wiggling in front of my face, I’m sure you can understand why. After she poured the real Canadian maple syrup on our French toast, she poured some on her nipples and then licked it off. Hooo-whaaa, milky tits and maple syrup, now that’s breakfast!

Good or bad, you’ll never look at French toast the same way again.  Here’s big milky boobs in your eye…

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Pussy Squirting: Squirting from the Other End (Prelude)

Ivy came over to shoot a lactation video, not a pussy squirt video. She didn’t have much breast milk, so we were going to pack up and send her home, when she mumbled something like “I can squirt a lot further with my pussy than I can with my boobies”. In the ensuing silence, you could have heard a pin drop. Time stood still, with everyone frozen in their tracks. “WHAT?”.

“I can squirt with my pussy” Ivy says again.

If tearing down the equipment had been a video, well, this would have like playing it backwards at double speed. We got everything set back up again in record time, and we found Ivy a “stunt hand”. Girls who can squirt frequently need really hard, bangin’ sex to trigger this phenomena, so sometimes they can’t pussy squirt using just a dildo. Ivy is one of those girls who needs a stunt hand to trigger her explosion of pussy juice.

Ivy gives us an amusing discourse about her sexual likes and dislikes, and then does a little warm-up masturbation session. She has the tiniest pussy squirt, maybe one drop, then immediately apologizes for getting cum on my kitchen floor. Cute! Get to know Ivy better, and tease yourself a bit before the main event, the real hardcore pussy squirting video.

A warm-up for a hot, wet female ejaculation adventure from Ivy.

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Pussy Squirting: Squirting from the Other End (Orgasm)

Meet Ivy, our pussy squirting, female ejaculating starlet.  In Ivy’s warm-up masturbation video, she talks about what she likes… but now she’s going to show you!

Ivy starts off slow and easy with a little upskirt action. Slowly she pulls aside her thong panties, revealing her thick, juicy pussy lips.  Next, a little masturbation to get herself in the mood, in the groove. Finally the stunt hand steps in, and starts pounding her pussy with a steady rhythm. The tension builds, and builds… and builds, until finally you and Ivy climax together in a huge wet female ejaculation pussy squirt, blowing a big wad of girl cum all over the sheets.

To make sure you get the most from this video, there is an instant replay of Ivy when she cums. The replay is at super slow speed so you can see every detail of her big, wet orgasm! Female Ejaculation aficionados will not want to miss this DVD quality video. And remember, all our lactation and female ejaculation videos are shot on professional High Definition video cameras, then rendered in INSANE quality at 1280×720 (720p) for your enjoyment.

Check out Ivy’s big, wet, messy pussy squirt orgasm in HD video with slow motion replay!

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Milk Tits Video: Perla Pumping F Cup Boobies

Almost overnight, Perla has become a big milk tits superstar. She’s a cute, extroverted chubster with huge F cup boobies.

Just prior to shooting this video, we’d gone out dancing. Between her huge tits, and her panty revealing micro mini dress, she was quite a sensation at the local salsa club. Of course, I don’t mind guys staring at her, because I know **I’m** the lucky guy who’s going to be drinking her huge milk tits and eating her sweet pussy later. Stare all you want boys! After a few hours of dancing and bouncing her huge tits around, she was like “baby, I need to go home, my boobies hurt, they got too much milk”. Well, dancing is fun and all, but home is where the fun is, so off we went. Her tits were literally exploding with milk, so I made this lactation video for you guys, before I took my sweetie off to the bedroom to drink her milk, and do unspeakable things…

See Perla pumping her huge milk tits… and dream of drinking her milk!

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Big Boobs Video: The bOOb-onic Woman

Meet Taylor Sommers, the bOOb-onic Woman. Bigger, faster, stronger, harder – these boobs have NOT been rebuilt, they just ARE.

Our big boobs video opens with some bloopers and out-takes from Taylor’s big tits photo shoot. We’ve included this section so you can see her big boobs bouncing and wiggling as she changes positions and moves around while posing for photos. The second part of this video features Taylor moving, bouncing and jumping, because who doesn’t like to see big boobs bouncing and wiggling?  Our High Definition booby-cam pans around to show you Taylor from every angle. You get to see her boobs in motion from all angles, including some breast squeezing and boob massage. As an added bonus, the camera pans in for some nice close-ups of Taylor’s freshly shaved pussy – in your face!

Note: This is NOT a lactation video – it is a BIG bOObs video.   And I do mean BIG boobies!

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Big Milky Tits: EggZactly Zorra

Zorra has big milky tits, and she’s back to make you a breast milk omelet.

We kick this lactation video off with with Zorra showing off her big tits in a maternity bra and a very sheer shirt. This is a combination best avoided if a lactating woman does not want people to see her nipples leak through the clothing. Next, Zora heads to the kitchen, and this is where things get interesting. The shirt comes off, the milky tits come out, and the breast milk flows into the pan. There is plenty of tit squirting action as Zorra adds just the right amount of milk to the eggs to whip up a great omelet. For the Auto-Drip lovers, Zorra does not disappoint – her big milky tits go into hyperactive letdown, and the breast milk flows all by itself!  The Pièce de résistance? Zorra cooks up her breast milk omlet, and tastes her handywork to make sure it’s absolutely perfect!

Who would have thought that MILKY TITS and omelets could go together? But Zorra proves that Large breasts, huge areolas and lots of milk are eggs-actly what the doctor ordered.

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