Adult BreastFeeding – Boy Sucks Girl’s Milky Tits

You guys tell me that you love adult breastfeeding videos.  Girl on girl, boy on girl, it’s all good and it’s your single most popular video request.  I admit I do adult breastfeeding every chance I get, the taste, the feel of the milk running over my tongue, indescribably delicious.  I’m getting myself excited just writing this but enough about me here.

This video brings you milky breasted Valentina and her husband Lucho who were thrilled to fulfill your adult breastfeeding video request.  Valentia is another auto-dripper like Daniela but unlike many of the other girls she should please fans of small milky breasts.

The high definition video starts with Valentina auto-dripping just to get started.  She then takes her small milky tits in hand and squirts for you and then moves on to use the electric breast pump.

When she’s fully primed and lubricated with milk she calls Lucho over for the adult breastfeeding main event.  Now, I’m not a jealous kinda guy but I was thinking that I’d rather be the guy sucking and drinking from those luscious milky tits than the guy stuck behind the camera.

I’m not sure if Lucho actually drank her dry but he sure did try.  He really had a good time and I know you’ll have a great time watching this adult breastfeeding video.

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