Big Milky Tits: EggZactly Zorra

Zorra has big milky tits, and she’s back to make you a breast milk omelet.

We kick this lactation video off with with Zorra showing off her big tits in a maternity bra and a very sheer shirt. This is a combination best avoided if a lactating woman does not want people to see her nipples leak through the clothing. Next, Zora heads to the kitchen, and this is where things get interesting. The shirt comes off, the milky tits come out, and the breast milk flows into the pan. There is plenty of tit squirting action as Zorra adds just the right amount of milk to the eggs to whip up a great omelet. For the Auto-Drip lovers, Zorra does not disappoint – her big milky tits go into hyperactive letdown, and the breast milk flows all by itself!  The Pièce de résistance? Zorra cooks up her breast milk omlet, and tastes her handywork to make sure it’s absolutely perfect!

Who would have thought that MILKY TITS and omelets could go together? But Zorra proves that Large breasts, huge areolas and lots of milk are eggs-actly what the doctor ordered.

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