Monster Milky Boobs

You know that Daniela has monster milky boobs and you’ve seen them auto-drip for you in another post when Daniela pretended to clean my apartment in her skimpy little maid outfit.

Daniela has some of the biggest milky boobs of all the girls in my videos and you guys keep asking for more and more of them.  I understand completely as I can’t resist big boobs on a small framed-girl either.  I’d like her even without the milk.

Remember that all of my erotic lactation videos are high definition so you get to see each and every detail of Daniela’s big breasts end every little drop of milk.

This video starts out with Daniela wetting down her bra and then moves on to an extended sequence of her working her monster milky boobs with the electric pump.  Her milk breasts are so full that each time she changes sides with the  pump, the side she was just pumping starts to auto-drip, just like what happens to Marioni here.

So if you’re a fan of monster milky boobs or auto-dripping or both, like me, this is the video for you.

Get up close with Daniela as the high definition camera zooms in on her big boobs bursting with milk.

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