Daniela’s Big Milk Tits Auto-Drip for You

Daniela brings her milky tits back to visit with you again.  This time she’s a maid with a very special talent. Pretty much every maid in the world can clean, but not normally in a sexy outfit like Daniela’s. But how many can auto-drip from their big milky boobies? And on camera, just for you.

We get a ridiculous number of requests from you for “Auto-Drip” videos where milk just drips out of a girl’s breasts without her touching them at all. When I mentioned this to Daniela she offered to make a lot of guys happy with an auto-drip video and clean my apartment at the same time. How could I resist that offer?

The video  opens with Daniela sweeping the floor, then taking off her maid uniform to show you her milky tits. She then decides to take a coffee break and squirt some of her milk in the coffee for you. Believe it or not, that was enough to put her milky tits into auto-drip mode.

Did I tell you that this is a high definition video where you can see every last little detail of Daniela? The rest of the video shows you her auto-dripping milk from all angles. I even laid down on her freshly swept floor to get you some great low angles of her milky boobs hanging and swaying right over the camera. I guarantee you’ll wish you were the camera!

Of course, Daniela had so much fun playing with her milk that she completely forgot about cleaning the rest of my apartment but she said she’ll be back later to finish. I should have all of her milk cleaned off my camera by then so stay tuned.

Right now, go check out the high def of Daniela’s auto-dripping milky tits and see it for yourself.

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Big Milky Boobs: The Mask of Zorra

You know how once in a while you meet someone who seems to be living on another planet? This girl with the great milky boobs swore to me that she was the great, great, great grand niece of Zorro and she even had the mask to prove it. I think she really wore the mask because she didn’t want anyone to see her face but I told her I’d believe her story as long as I got to see her play with her milky boobs.

It turned out that Zorra is a leaker. She doesn’t auto-stream like Angelica or Auto-drip like Daniela but her milky tits with big brown areolae sure do drip for you in this high definition video.  Her braless boobs leak in a tanktop and then in a thin bra. When she gets tired of leaking, Zorra demonstrates how to use an electric pump. Even after the leaking and pumping she has enough left in those big milky boobs to do some squirting.  And when she squirts it’s more like a fire hose than a kid’s squirt gun.

So check out Zorra’s milk leaking and squirting, high resolution, in your face action now. She had so much fun she said she’d come back and do another Milky Tits video

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Introducing the Auto-Drip Sisters (featuring Jovana)

I know you guys like auto-drip videos.  They seem to be one of your favorite kind of erotic lactation videos because you ask for more of them all the time.  You’ve seen Daniela, the auto-dripping maid with the big milky boobs.  You also tell us you like to see girls lactating together and you’ve put in a bunch of requests to see more of Jovana.  So I’m sure you’ll love this erotic lactation video.  It’s Jovana auto-dripping for you but she also brought her sister Marioni and her milky tits to make a lactation video together.  Together, these darlings might just be the hottest pair of lactating women on the planet.

The video starts with some chest measuring where you may be surprised who’s bigger.  The lactation begins with some wetting of their bras with milk and then lots of jumping and bouncing those milky tits around.  First some bouncing in their bras and then the milk-soaked bras come off and their milky boobs really start bouncing.

The best thing about all the bouncing is that Jovana has so much in her milky tits that it just starts dripping out from all the bouncing.  Check it out now guys and I’ll tell you real soon about what happens when Jovana and Marioni start playing with their milky boobs together.

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More of the Auto-Drip Sisters

I started telling you in my previous post about Jovana and her milky tit sister Marioni.  As we left them, Jovana had been bouncing her milky tits around, which kicked off some auto-dripping.

The second part of the video features Marioni working her milky boobs with the electric pump. She pumps her first milky boob for a while then switches to the second.  As she starts pumping that one, her first milky boob just starts streaming milk out on its own.  Some people call this auto-dripping but with Marioni it’s more like auto-streaming.  She auto-streams almost as much as Angelica, but with only one nipple per milky tit.

I’m not sure if Jovana got a little jealous of all the attention or what but the girls start a  ferocious milk war with it streaming all over and some really funny faces as milk goes places it shouldn’t.  I should have made then clean my apartment afterward but I had too much fun watching their milky boobs stream all over to get mad at them.

Check out more of the Auto-Drip Sisters here.

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Monster Milky Boobs

You know that Daniela has monster milky boobs and you’ve seen them auto-drip for you in another post when Daniela pretended to clean my apartment in her skimpy little maid outfit.

Daniela has some of the biggest milky boobs of all the girls in my videos and you guys keep asking for more and more of them.  I understand completely as I can’t resist big boobs on a small framed-girl either.  I’d like her even without the milk.

Remember that all of my erotic lactation videos are high definition so you get to see each and every detail of Daniela’s big breasts end every little drop of milk.

This video starts out with Daniela wetting down her bra and then moves on to an extended sequence of her working her monster milky boobs with the electric pump.  Her milk breasts are so full that each time she changes sides with the  pump, the side she was just pumping starts to auto-drip, just like what happens to Marioni here.

So if you’re a fan of monster milky boobs or auto-dripping or both, like me, this is the video for you.

Get up close with Daniela as the high definition camera zooms in on her big boobs bursting with milk.

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Can’t Get Enough Monster Milky Boobs

Okay guys, I’ll admit it, I can’t get enough of Daniela and her monster milky boobs.  They’re not only huge, they auto-drip too as you saw when she and her monster boobs cleaned my apartment and then worked her milky tits with an electric pump.

This video is a continuation of the pumping video.  When we left off, Daniela’s milky tits had started to auto-drip after she worked them with the electric pump.  She then takes matters into her own hands with lots of manual milk squirting.  She gets so excited she can’t help but  show us exactly what those monster milky tits can do with her bouncing, jiggling and swaying.  I could barely keep up following her with my camera as she bounced around.  And the whole time her monster boobs keep auto-dripping milk that gets everywhere.  Can you say “poetry in motion”?

Check out Daniela and her monster milky boobs auto-dripping for you here.

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Adult BreastFeeding – Boy Sucks Girl’s Milky Tits

You guys tell me that you love adult breastfeeding videos.  Girl on girl, boy on girl, it’s all good and it’s your single most popular video request.  I admit I do adult breastfeeding every chance I get, the taste, the feel of the milk running over my tongue, indescribably delicious.  I’m getting myself excited just writing this but enough about me here.

This video brings you milky breasted Valentina and her husband Lucho who were thrilled to fulfill your adult breastfeeding video request.  Valentia is another auto-dripper like Daniela but unlike many of the other girls she should please fans of small milky breasts.

The high definition video starts with Valentina auto-dripping just to get started.  She then takes her small milky tits in hand and squirts for you and then moves on to use the electric breast pump.

When she’s fully primed and lubricated with milk she calls Lucho over for the adult breastfeeding main event.  Now, I’m not a jealous kinda guy but I was thinking that I’d rather be the guy sucking and drinking from those luscious milky tits than the guy stuck behind the camera.

I’m not sure if Lucho actually drank her dry but he sure did try.  He really had a good time and I know you’ll have a great time watching this adult breastfeeding video.

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Erotic Lactation Milk War

I’m lobbying to make milk wars an Olympic sport.  Watching two great looking lactating babes squirt their milky tits all over each other sure beats the hell out of synchronized swimming as a spectator sport.  And it would get incredible television ratings as every man in the world would want to watch a girl with big milky tits win an Olympic event.  Just another one of my erotic lactation fantasies I’m afraid but one can’t help but dream.

On the the reality of this video.  It features ultra babe Wendy with hard, perky milky breasts and beautiful clear bronze colored eyes plus equally ultra babe Amalia with her big, softly rounded milky breasts on her nicely curved body.  It’s a classic angles versus curves contest with breast milk as the chosen weapon.

The girls get right to milk squirting and fighting and absolutely drench each other and the entire studio.  They squirt their milky breasts absolutely everywhere except on the camera.  That reminds me, I’d pay a bunch to be a referee for the Olympic milk fighting contests and I’m sure you can imagine what it’d be like getting between the girls in the video.

It’s difficult to believe that the girls had anything left after the milk fight but Amalia did so she tries her hand at “duration squirting,” keeping a stream from her milky breast going for as long as possible.  I didn’t have a stopwatch at the time but you’ll see on the video that she squirted milk for just about fifteen seconds.

So put on your referee’s striped shirt and go watch the milk war video.

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Milk War Ends but Milky Boobs Keep Moving

You first met Wendy and Amalia as they squirted their milk tits all over each other and my studio in their breast milk war.  After the hostilities ended the girls stayed around and showed off their milky boobs for you while still covered in milk.

This video has the girls messing around and playing with their milky boobs for you.  Remember that Wendy has the angular, perky boobs and Amalia has the softly rounded  big boobs.  This video has two real highlights.  The first is for you guys who like to see dangling milky boobs as the girls bend over and sway around.  The second is for you guys who like to see bouncing milky boobs as the girls and their boobs jump and bounce all over.  Wendy proves that even perky milky breasts can bounce nicely.  And both girls demonstrate that milky boobs can still drip even after a milk war.

So follow the bouncing milky boobs and watch this video now.

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Jovana’s Auto-Dripping Milky Boobs by Request

You guys tell me over and over that you really like to see auto-dripping milky boobs and I promise that I do my very best to fulfill all of your requests.  But auto-dripping is difficult to find.  You can’t just go up to a girl in a mall and ask her if her milky boobs auto-drip.  I know from personal experience that this is a dangerous thing to do – I tried it once and got introduced to the girls large and mean brothers and it was not a pleasant experience.

But luckily for all of us, one of my other models introduced me to Jovana who’s turned out to be the absolute queen of the auto-drippers.  You saw Jovana’s thin frame and big milky tits as part of the Auto-Drip Sisters videos.  This time Jovana’s 34DD milky breasts are a solo act and they’re plenty entertaining by themselves.

The video starts with Jovana introducing herself to you and then squirting milk on a mirror and wetting down a bra.  She then starts jumping up and down and you can see those milky beauties bouncing around and begin to auto-drip for her excitement and stimulation.  She tries to mess with me by leaning her auto-dripping milky boobs directly over the camera.

Even if you’re not a big auto-dripping fan you won’t be able to resist the allure of Jovana’s big milky boobs bouncing!

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