Can’t Get Enough of that Auto-Dripping

Jovana, the thin-framed, big boobed Queen of the auto-drippers is back.  You saw her big milky tits as a solo act and then as one of the Auto-Dripping Sisters.  You know she has a wild, playful and sometimes devious streak to her that she showed when she tried to auto-drip all over my camera.

In this video she’s back as a solo act doing something you haven’t seen before:  working her milky tits with the electric breast pump.  Once she gets going she can’t stop the milk flowing from her milky boobs and she auto-drips and even auto-streams all over the place.

She decides we need to take a break for a cup of “café con leche” with the milk, of course, coming from her milky tits.  Trust me guys, once you try one of these you wan’t want to go back to regular milk but I understand they’re kinda difficult to get at Starbucks.

The video ends with a little behind-the-scenes flashback where Jovana shows us she cam prepared and was leaking even before the filming started.

So make yourself a café con leche and enjoy another milky tits video from Jovana, the auto-dripping queen.

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Hot MILF’s Milky Boobs

Okay guys, this erotic lactation video is the first part of what I hope will be a three part series.    This first installment features Telma, a sizzling hot MILF with a great personality and an incredible set of milky boobs that should be the envy of many women half her age.  The single best word that describes Telma is “perky.”  Perky personality and absolutely perky milky boobs.

In this video, Telma starts out by showing you all around her hot body, ending up at those incredibly perky milky boobs.  I seem to be over using the work perky and wish I had another word to describe Telma but you’ll know why I’m so excited as soon as you see the video.

Once she gets her hands on her milky tits Thelma works them for you, squirting her milk out for you in thin, delicate streams.  You’ll see that she has much more milk than you’d expect those perky milky boobs to ever hold.

So, about the three-part series.  This is a milky boob spectacular that you’re not going to see anywhere else, ever.  Telma is the first part of the series.  The second part features Paola, the beautiful, sexy, 19 year old, green eyed, milky boobed daughter of Telma.  And, as you’ll see, Paola is just as perky all over as Telma.  Now, the third part of the series hasn’t happened yet but I’m working hard on getting Telma and Paola in the same video.  How’d you like to see a mother-daughter milk war?  I know I would.  So get it rolling now and go watch Telma’s hot MILF bod and perky milky boobs.

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Gringa or Latina? (Daughter)

Meet Paola, the beautiful, sexy, green eyed lactating 19 year old daughter of Telma. We’re pleased to present what just might be the most unique set of lactation videos of all time… mother and daughter lactating. This video features Paola wetting her bra with milk, making us a tasty “café con leche”, and giving our new electric breast pump a workout. And of course there are lots of great close-ups, as well as tons of hand squirting, squeezing, and dribbling.

True lactation aficionados will NOT want to miss out on this one of a kind mother -daughter lactation video set (search keyword “mother” to see Paola’s mom).

You’ll love Paola’s sweet ass and perky milk filled breasts!

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More Sistaz – Part 1

It may not be obvious at first glance, but Belissima (chubby) and Dani (slim) really are sisters. Part 1 features Belissima working with the electric pump, then squirting. In this lactating video she squirts against a piece of glass, and the camera watches from the other side. A unique viewing perspective on expressed milk.

Watch Belissima’s milk squirting right at you.

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More Sistaz – Part 2

It may not be obvious at first glance, but Belissima (chubby) and Dani (slim) really are sisters. Part 2 features Belissima squirting freestyle, then squirting against a mirror. Dani joins in and helps Belissima squirt her milk, with lots of tit-dangling and wiggling. Finally, Dani finishes of this video with a little bit of squirting and manual pumping.

With a little help from her friends Belissima squirts her milky tits just for you.

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Katarina at 6 Months

Meet the incredibly photogenic Katy (Katarina). In this video you get to see her from every angle, including some neat overhead perspective shots of how she sees her own body, and some low angle shots that really emphasize her pregnant tummy. This is an all around great video of a really beautiful pregnant darling.

Before the milk comes the pregnancy and Katarina is glowing (and growing) in all the right places.  Check out her swollen tummy and soon to be milk filled breasts.

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Erotic Lactation: Milk Wars Episode 1 – Valentina’s Revenge

Not so long ago… in a town far, far away… MILK WARS.

Rebel princesses, evil queens, the rebel breast milk alliance, the evil Simu-Milk empire, this video has got it ALL! Eight minutes of full throttle EROTIC LACTATION from big breasts laden with milk to little feet standing in pools of breast milk, and close ups every other body part in between, you don’t want to miss this video!!! If there is just ONE must have lactation video in the world, then this is The One.

See cute amateurs battle it out in milk wars at your one stop shop for Erotic Lactation –

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Tit Milk Torture: Bedtime Snack – Milk on her Cookie

What could possibly make for a better bedtime snack than milk and cookie… and not just one cookie, but two! Of course, we’re not talking chocolate chip, or oatmeal here, we’re talking about the the original Cookie Dough Dynamo, wet pussy with tit milk raining down! The pussy feels good! You like to eat pussy? Can I have a bite of your pussy? Cookie Dough Dynamo.

The Evil Queen Sevilla (aka Squirtacious) dribbles tit milk all over the naked rebel princess Valentina. The Chinese may have had water torture, but the evil Simu-Milk empire teaches all their minions (including Queen Sevilla) the practice of tit milk torture, which is worse… much worse. Don’t miss this prequel to Milk Wars – Episode 1.

I’ve seen a lot of cookies in my day, but these naked amateur Cookie Dough Dynamo girls battling it out with tit milk are the best!

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Milky Tits Leak Through: Cute n Sweet – Part 1

Christina is a sweet young mommy with milky 34C tits, and a perfect little body.

In this lactation video, you can see Christina’s milky boobs leak through her thin spandex bra. As you can see from the picture, the bra is very transparent when it is soaked with breast milk, and her huge, dark areolas are easily visible through the thin fabric.  Next, she does a nice little striptease and then spends some quality time pumping her milky tits with the electric breast pump.

Watch Christina’s milky tits leak through her thin bra.

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Cute n Sweet – Part 2

Christina has a darling sweet personality and a perfect body too. In part 2 she makes us a nice “café con leche”, shakes her body so that her milk filled breasts bounce around, licks some milk from her nipples, and does an unusual pulling motion on her breasts that causes milk to fly out of them.

Do you like milk in your coffee?  Christina delivers again.

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